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Vent Scene Progression #1 - Initial Stages

Making Of / 13 March 2021

Currently working on my next piece for my portfolio while in the process of job hunting. I intentionally want to keep this project on the smaller scale so as to be able to really focus in on what I want to do and be done with it in a matter of a few days instead of weeks.

The key inspirations behind the workflow for this scene are that seen in Alien Isolation and Star Citizen; using tiling textures in combination with trim sheets for the majority if not all of the scene. I want to also expand on the previous projects use of unique prop masks and work it more into this scene by using all three channels now that I know where I am going with the material set up and workflow.

The scene itself is inspired by the vents we see in the Alien franchise with some initial reference gathering below. The intention is to keep with typical Sci-fi environments we on Artstation but approach it differently. Adding on that working in such a small scenes means a more conscious attitude to prop and light blocking and general texture quality.

Utilising a 2x2 meter trim sheet for the entirety of the scene modelled in Blender and going to be touched up in Designer.

With this scene I want to start bringing more focus to blocking the scene with props and lights as though it was a navigable environment. Right now it's in the very immediate Blockout of route.

I want to get better at keeping tabs on my production as though I was a part of a team and have so started to work Trello into my production.