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Alleyway Environment Progress #2

Work In Progress / 03 March 2021

Update on the scene itself currently in the works.

The aim for this project is to build on focusing on what I felt was lacking in my previous project, namely time spent on grunting the scene up and composition/lighting as well making use of some workflows I had been picking up for a while now. To do this the original idea was to aim to use a majority Quixel props and textures so more time can be spent focusing on what I felt was more important.

Instead it has become about 50/50, right now what props are in are my own and the majority of textures taken from Bridge have been taken into Substance Designer for me to tweak and add to on top of my own material creations here and there.

Right now I need to go about updating some of my original props and textures I had created back at the start of the project before I had my workflows properly figured out and then adding more piping and wiring to the scene. Once that's finished I can get about to filling the scene out with Quixel Bridge props and decals.

Each building is broken into separate pieces with 2 UV maps a piece, the first is for texel density while the second are packed in the 0-1 and then I go about adding layered grunge to the surfaces as a mask for the dirty version of the original textures to filter through.

Despite wanting to originally be almost entirely Quixel bridge props I went about and created a variety of my own. In this example they are texel density correct and share the same material to reduce wasted UV space. 

Feedbacks more than welcome.